ok it’s sunny, must be global warming…

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are all doomed.

The earth is doomed.

Why? because people drive cars, have kids and yes, breath.

Too much Carbon dioxide is going into the atmosphere and is causing huge amounts of warming. So much warming that glaciers, the arctic ice cap and polar bears..yes polar bears..are about to disappear.

But wait it gets worse. If we the common folk don’t start eating insects and stop driving cars, having kids, eat GMO foods, stop using electricity and basically return to the life of our cave man ancestors, People like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio won’t be able to fly in their jets, live in multi-million square foot houses and basically live to excess.

C’mon folks. Al Gore predicted we shouldn’t have an arctic ice sheet by now..so he was wrong..does that mean we shouldn’t pay him and his buddies a lot of money in carbon taxes?

What exactly is the climate change movement?

The pro guys would have you believe that everything that we do is adding to the carbon footprint and therefore must be controlled and taxed so that they or someone else can make billions.

The anti-climate people are simply showing that there has not been any change in almost 20 years regardless of what study or metric you look at. The arctic ice sheet is ok. The antarctic is growing. No one has been drowned due to a rise in sea level. Storms are down, hurricanes are down.

But no, this isn’t good enough..climate change will cause more rapes..more theft..more of everything we feel is bad!!!

But what if it doesn’t?

What if it actually helps the world?

Increase in crops. Increase in habitable lands. Longer growing seasons. And as a result less CO2 in the atmosphere..assuming people actually plant trees and such.

Central government wants a carbon tax because it will make huge amounts of money, but in the end there is no valid justification for it.

The earths climate has changed many times over its lifetime, with or without our interference and it has survived. It is only politicians and money grubbers that wish to tax carbon for their own means.

Tell all those for a climate tax to stop driving, eating, breathing and anything else that emits carbon first and then we will talk about the rest of us common folk.


Ramblings of a bored mind…

Hi folks,

Well i decided to sit down and write a blog. Not sure why. Figured wtf everyone else has an opinion, why shouldn’t I?

This blog will be my place to vent and ponder.

Anyone reading my rants/thoughts is welcome to reply/debate/rant/tell me i suck.

I am fully aware that I am not a know-it-all. I don’t know all the facts most times.I don’t know the race/religious/community aspects of the things I will discuss/rant about…but rest assured I will give my reason for my opinion and if I’m wrong fully admit to it.

So read and flame away.

I am NOT an ambulance driver!!!!

So, just to start off my many rants, a little history about me.

I am a paramedic. I have been a paramedic for 15 years with another 10 years of first aid training and field experience.

I have been an instructor, instructor trainer and mentor, a paramedic preceptor and mentor and a policy evaluator and developer.

I have a university education in biochemistry and biology.

I like to think that I know a little bit about emergency pre-hospital care. I have worked in the lower mainland and Vancouver island in over a dozen different communities.

So here’s my beef.

The other day someone in another blog asked for the opinion of any paramedic or ambulance driver.

Just for reference here is the blog…http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/more-west-endcoal-harbour-residents-will-die-with-st-pauls-move/#comments

I politely explained that here in British Columbia we don’t have ambulance drivers, we have paramedics.

Apparently at that point everyone who replied believes that I am sensitive, egotistical, whining or just plain stupid to ask such a thing.

I politely pointed out that people don’t refer to the water truck drivers (fire fighters) or speed radar operators (police) or heart plumbers (cardiac surgeons) etc, but this apparently does not matter. I am in the wrong.

It even went so far as the poster saying that I was not doing my job properly and that he, a journalist, knew more than me, a paramedic, when it came to how our system works and what patients will live or die en route to a hospital.

Now, I don’t consider myself an egotistical person. I have been called everything under the sun at work.

My issue here is that calling us an ambulance driver stereotypes us to the old way of scoop and run emergency pre-hospital medicine. It makes people believe we don’t really do anything for them but drive them to the hospital. This idea is long gone and needs to change.

So, is it really so wrong to ask that we are referred to in the media as a paramedic and not an ambulance driver?